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What are the different types of crooked teeth, and which type needs to be fixed ASAP? We explain the facts in this article.

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No matter how perfect your hair looks and how toned your summer body is, you may always lack self-confidence without the perfect set of teeth. When you crack a smile and are ready to rock the world, you may be embarrassed about what people think if you have misaligned teeth.

Your self-esteem may shatter because living with teeth misalignment is a massive blow to our egos. Teeth misalignment can also lead to emergency dental appointments if we do not fix these problems early on. Here are the different types of crooked teeth that many of us fall victim to.


Teeth overcrowding proves that more is not merrier. Imagine being back in school during a field trip where teachers would make your entire class stand in a straight line.

This was the same instruction given to your teeth, but they did not listen. Now they are all over the place and are fighting for a bit of space to grow as well. This would cause your teeth to push against some others.

Teeth overcrowding can become worse in time if you do not seek treatment soon. Even simple tasks like brushing and flossing can become challenging and painful if you let this go on for too long.

Then dental plaque will become each tooth’s best friend in no time, mainly because it can grow in any gaps and spaces between your teeth.

You may experience tooth infections and bad breath if these conditions go unchecked. Always consult your dentist if you feel that your teeth are overcrowding to discuss your treatment options.


Teeth spacing is one of the most annoying types of crooked teeth. Even if you have a perfect set of teeth that are lined up correctly, any spaces in between can still make your mouth feel and look awkward.

Depending on the shape and size of the gaps, some might even think you had an accident and broke a tooth. People with gaps between their teeth also need to keep ducking into the bathroom after every meal. This is to ensure that no food particles are stuck in between the teeth.

Otherwise, you may return back to your dinner table with a giant piece of spinach lodged between your front teeth. Even though this can be funny at times in the right company, it is always annoying having to use your tongue to check if there are any leftovers.

Spaces between your teeth can be safe depending on how many gaps you have. However, gaps can also expand over time. This is when spacing becomes a significant problem because you will need to contact your dentist immediately if your teeth worsen.

When gaps grow or change, every bite of your favorite food can turn into your biggest nightmare. This is a pain that should always be avoided. If the spaces in your teeth start to hurt or feel different, it is worth exploring your options to reduce these gaps.


This occurs when your front teeth are in a hurry to get places before your lower teeth can catch up. Although this look may be adorable for Bugs Bunny, most people dislike it and want to change their appearance.

This is a worrying condition because upper teeth can overlap with your lower teeth when they stick out. Then this can cause a significant gap between the two. Besides the appearance, your front teeth will always be at more risk of chipping or breaking if you ever have an accident.

Treatment options are available to fix this crookedness. Correcting your overbite will also protect you from jaw pain, tooth decay, and gum disease. Overbite occurs mainly in people who grew up using a pacifier too much or sucked their thumb.


Think about your upper and lower teeth as lovers who are never meant to be together but need to force themselves to get through the relationship because of the kids.

Your upper and lower teeth may love each other deeply, but they should never meet or touch each other much. This can cause an awkward crossbite. A crossbite is a dental condition affecting the alignment of your teeth.

One of the top signs is when your upper teeth fit behind your lower ones each time you close your mouth or rest. This condition can wear out both your bottom and top set of teeth if you do not get treated.

Then you will need to deal with a whole other set of issues as well because your gums and tissues in the teeth will start receding.


The way your jaw sits matters significantly. If you have an underbite, the lower part of your jaw will stick out farther than the upper part. This will be challenging to cope with because you will feel very uncomfortable while chewing and digesting food.

An underbite is also called Class III malocclusion. However, not all underbites hurt the same. Mild cases are difficult to detect from the outside. You can see how the jaw protrudes outwards in severe cases because an underbite is noticeable to everyone.

If you have an underbite, you can expect problems with your teeth and jaw. This is when you may struggle to speak clearly. Underbites can also wear out your front teeth.

Then you will be at greater risk of chipping. Since your jaw is not aligned correctly, you can also have a hard time chewing food. Halitosis or chronic bad breath is also another symptom of an underbite because it can cause bacterial infections in the mouth.


It is always best to know the different types of crooked teeth to help decide when you should visit your dentist. Some teeth misalignment problems are worse than others.

For instance, your gapped teeth may not hurt as much right now, but the pain can be excruciating if the gaps expand as you age. If you lack self-confidence because of crooked teeth, contact us today, and we can help you get the perfect smile.

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