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7 Factors To Consider When Choosing An Orthodontist

Do you feel like it’s time to realign your teeth with braces? 

Whether it’s you or your child, you’ll need to be keen when choosing an orthodontist. It’s not only about the price alone, you need a professional that fits all your needs. Most importantly, you want the best pre-and post-treatment experiences. Besides improving dental health, you can also visit an orthodontist to install braces, fix cavities, and treat bacterial infections. Generally, these professionals can help you regain your smile and lead a happy life. Why should you be keen when choosing an orthodontist? 

The America Dental Association notes about 10,365 orthodontists in the country. This translates to about four orthodontists for every 100,000 Americans. You can imagine how hard it is to find one in every dental clinic. From this data, only about 6% of dentists make it as orthodontists. Thus, not everyone practicing dentistry is an orthodontist. 

Lets’ look into 7 factors you should consider when choosing an orthodontist for a better smile. 

1. Read Online Reviews When Choosing an Orthodontist Before choosing an orthodontist, you would want to check references and reviews about their clinics. Search the top orthodontists in your city on Google. The clinics that appear at the top of search results have better ratings. You can also read the comments of various patients. Customer reviews about dental clinics are available from tons of consumer sites. Reading these reviews gives you an insight into the clinic’s patient experience. However, don’t trust reviews from one website only. Compare a couple of references and reviews from different websites. Direct references from friends can also point you to a reliable clinic for improving dental health. In most cases, positive references and reviews guarantee an experienced orthodontist for a better smile.

2. What Are the Payment Plans? Besides comparing dental fees, you want to know the payment plans in different procedures. Advanced dental surgery can be pretty expensive. Some insurance covers may help settle part of the bill, but  it’s only a small amount. Payment plans such as financing with monthly installments can help you get high-quality Invisalign without straining financially. Before settling for a viable payment plan, compare dental fees among clinics in your region to get an affordable option. However, note that lower costs may not mean quality care. Always watch out for prices that match the service quality. 

3. Availability Hours The demand for orthodontists can be pretty overwhelming in the US. You’ll find most clinics with a backlog of appointments. Sometimes, you may have to wait for weeks to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist. f your gums need urgent medical attention, you can’t wait for that long. However, that doesn’t guarantee that there will be an orthodontist to see you immediately. You can call a few professionals and explain your situation. An understanding orthodontist will find an option for you. When checking for availability hours, don’t forget to ask about the ease of scheduling. Once your treatment begins, you want streamlined appointments to enhance recovery. Ask the orthodontist to give you dates for all your scheduled appointments after the first visit.Also, the staff should call you or send a text message reminder to confirm your appointment. This should be a day or two beforehand. It will help if you don’t reschedule your appointments because orthodontists have demanding jobs. 

4. Ask About the Treatment Options There are various treatment options for improving dental health. You want a clinic that offers under-one-roof services for all your dental needs. Also, the orthodontist should be in a position to serve both young and adult patients. You care about oral health across the whole family. Various options for orthodontists offer nearly all the latest dental treatments. In particular, watch for the options that address your specific oral health dental needs. If you’re treating a bad bite, you want viable options like Invisalign and metal braces.

5. Education and Licensing The orthodontist must have a valid practicing license to operate a clinic. License and other education qualifications vouch for the orthodontist. They show their credibility, and thanks to the internet, you can access anyone’s credentials easily. If you visit the office, some orthodontists will also display their medical degrees on the wall. You can also face the orthodontist directly and ask about their credentials. It shouldn’t be difficult because they also need clients. What education qualifications are you looking at when choosing an orthodontist? A qualified orthodontist should have a four-year medical degree. They also need another two-year training program in an ADA-approved institution. Remember, only a certified professional guarantees quality treatment for improving dental health.

6. Friendly Staff Before picking an orthodontist, visit their offices to see the organization. The atmosphere and how the staff treats you say a lot about the clinic. You want a clean facility with a courteous team that treats you with dignity. Sometimes, try and have a chat with them to see personalities. The clinic staff will be handling your patient details, and prepare you before surgery. In most cases, the nurses will take care of you during post-treatment sessions. You don’t want to have second thoughts about these people because you’ll see them for quite a while.

7. Location You also have to consider location when choosing an orthodontist. It will help if you opt for a professional within your city. This is convenient, especially if your treatment requires multiple appointments. Besides, you may also need to schedule post-treatment appointments. Since there are few orthodontists available, watch out for a professional within a three to ten kilometers radius. Such a short distance won’t present any challenge when driving right from the surgery room.

Find an Experienced and Reliable Orthodontist Having all these factors in mind will point you to a reliable and experienced orthodontist. Don’t forget that experience matters the most when choosing an orthodontist. The quality of care given by an experienced orthodontist won’t match an entry-level professional. Regaining your smile after severe gum disease can be quite fulfilling. Similarly, don’t let that broken tooth affect your diet and quality of life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our professional orthodontists.

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